Your pet would be entitled to a third-party claim if someone hits your vehicle while you are driving. However, if you are at-fault, you may want to check your auto insurance policy; there might be exclusions. For example, your collision coverage (if you have it) will pay for the damage and repairs to your car, but exceptions include the transport of personal property, such as a fragile box, a television set, or your pet. In this case, your pet will not be covered. Your pet is your personal property, according to many auto insurance companies, which means that if your pet was injured in a car accident and it’s the other driver’s fault, you have the right to file a claim in order for your pet to be as it was before the time of the accident. However, if a pet’s passing is the result of the car accident, your compensation would be limited, since most insurance companies do not consider the loss of pets to fall under “loss of companionship” compensation because they are deemed “personal property.” Therefore, you may only make a claim for the market value of your pet, if they died in a car accident.

Note: some courts have actually allowed deceased pets to be deemed “pecuniary value” or “special value.” This is for personal property that has unlimited market value.

Protecting Your Pet For Optimal Auto Insurance

It is important that your pet is well protected, if you decide to take them along on a cruise in your vehicle. Therefore, be sure to follow these tips to ensure your pet has ultimate protection against other drivers as you drive:

Make sure to keep your cat in a cat carrier or in a suitable cage. This will prevent them from roaming throughout your vehicle and eliminate distraction for you.

Dogs should ride in the back of the car at all times. If you have a truck, dogs should ride on the truck bed in a comfortable kennel that is fastened to the vehicle.

Do not let your pet ride with their heads out of the vehicle to prevent injury or infection due to dust particles or other passing vehicles.

Researching Pets And Auto Insurance Is Highly Encouraged

If you like to know more about car insurance and pets, you should research more on the topic, because it is a serious issue being addressed by many pet owners. Your pet is your family member, and it should be treated as one. Make sure you know what to expect with your auto insurance policy, before you and your pet live through a car accident together.

Our Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge Unused Is Like the Forgotten Dust Covered Gem in the Garage

We all have dreams we think about often, things we would like to accomplish in life. We think about finally losing the battle with our weight, moving up within our company, or starting a business. Some of us dream of changing the world or at least positively impacting those around us. What ever the dream its unfortunate is that most never take the first step in bringing that dream to reality or taking the consistent actions necessary to achieve a goal. It is unfortunate because if we just looked within and put in just a little work we would realize we are powerful beings capable of incredible things. We ALL have greatness within us, you’ve got to have the courage to release it. We all have ability, skills, and knowledge within us to achieve great things. We are also capable of improving our skills and abilities to take us to the next level. There is unlimited access to knowledge out there in many different forms, if there is a subject you need to learn to help you move forward in your quest to succeed it is there if you will seek it. I like to use this analogy, visualize with me if you will. Picture opening a garage door and you see a vehicle, a vehicle so thickly covered with dust you can barely make out what model it is but you know those lines, that’s a corvette. Your not sure if this thing will run, all the tires are flat. You know this thing will need a lot of work but your thinking, boy if I put some work into this thing I may really have something here.

You get to work on washing the dust off and it looks like you may be uncovering some good paint so you pull out the car wash detergent and start putting a little elbow grease in and wow this thing is starting to shine. Next, I wonder if this thing will run? You jump start the engine and to your surprise it starts up but runs pretty rough. You tune her up changing the spark plugs and wires, clean out the carburetor and now this vette engine is purring. One last thing before you take her on the road, the tires. We want to make sure we put on a good set of tires because we want to get traction on the road, with out the application of traction to the road all the power of the engine is wasted potential. Now we are ready, we have done all this work, we have polished her up, and she sounds great. It wouldn’t make much sense to just park it back in the garage because your not sure how she’ll perform. No we are going to take a ride and see what she can do. We get on the track and we push this corvette hard, we test the limits of the engines power and the handling and traction of the tires. We are excited with what we have made of this old vehicle that had been forgotten. We are amazed at the change from an old relic covered in dust to a beautiful, shining, powerful vehicle that you are happy and proud to drive around town.

Here’s the question each of us need to ponder, are we living like the forgotten Corvette in the story? Letting day by day go by with our power and true skills and abilities going to waste covered by dust, never testing the limits of our potential? What if we put a little work into ourselves to bring about the same kind of change illustrated in the story. Once you start working just a little to “wake up” those skills and abilities you know you have you will start to feel good about yourself. Once you start feeling good you put a little more work in shining that paint up and tuning the engine. Much like the Corvette you’ve got to have good fuel and oil to run at peak performance so you seek out knowledge by reading good books, maybe taking classes, and surrounding yourself with those who are already achieving success. Now the important part is not to park it in the garage. Get out there on the track of life and test your limits. The reason people don’t live there dreams isn’t because they don’t have the skills, ability, or knowledge, its because they are afraid of stepping out into the light. Many are stricken by analysis paralysis, they believe if I just read some more, learn some, or wait until the time is just right then I’ll try. If your waiting for the perfect time or your waiting to know it all here’s a secret, it will never be the right time and you will never know it all. You are just procrastinating out of fear.

Guide in Choosing Car Seat Covers

The same thing goes with car seat covers. Even seat belt covers have stylish designs now. There are several types of cases. They can be made of leather, synthetic material, cotton cloth, and sheepskin-the list goes on. There are several types of cases. They can be made of leather, synthetic material, cotton cloth, and sheepskin-the list goes on.  Why Change Your Seat Covers Vehicle owners have different reasons why they want to change the covers. The usual reason is that the old ones have been soiled or stained so badly beyond the rescue of washing. In that case, the only option is to replace them with new ones. Maybe they want to give their cars a new look, or they may have come across an ad of nice, discounted ones and they just couldn’t pass up the opportunity of getting it.

It’s not difficult to have custom ones. You can ask the supplier if they make custom covers. The alternative would be to find a manufacturer that makes cases compatible with your car model’s seats. Other Considerations The color is probably the most aesthetically important aspect when choosing and purchasing seat cases. As well as protecting your interior from your kids, covers also help to keep your car clean and tidy. The fastening material is not much of an issue for many, but a lot of owners prefer Velcro than zippers or buttons.  If you travel a lot, you will know how easy it is to build up rubbish. Used coffee cups and papers are only part of the problem. You will find a lot of dirt and dust gathers on your seat covers just from traveling down the freeway. There is a range of pet friendly fabrics as well. The choice really is unlimited and gives you the opportunity to stamp your personality on your motor. Don’t forget to be mindful of the weather conditions. If you don’t get much sunshine where you live, having UV resistant covers won’t be a priority.

These are some factors that are potentially wearing your superb looking seats out and damaging them. With a great set of seat cover, you will be able to protect your upholstery from all the potential hazards. You also get to change the interiors of your car to perfectly match your taste and lifestyle. The only downside would be that it isn’t water proof and dust proof. Another type would be the Ballistic material. These are the hardest material making it damage-resistant. It even has a water-proof inner coating. The most expensive kind of car seat covers would be the ones that are custom-fit. This would be perfect for luxurious sports cars. The design, pattern, style and fit are made-to-order. What is more is that, it doesn’t mess around with your seat belts, control buttons for your seat, and head rest and side-impact air bags.